You’ve devoured your body weight in food, found it acceptable to start drinking at midday and watched Christmas movies on repeat.

That sounds like the holidays! Yet, once the leftover turkey has disappeared and the wine has been polished off, you may start looking towards the New Year and what adventures it will bring.

Personally, I like to set myself some travel related resolutions to help get me through the January blues, and trust me it’s much easier and loads more fun than sticking to a new diet plan.

So, if you are planning some getaways in 2024, here are some New Year’s travel resolutions you may want to take as inspiration!



Ditch the Comfort Zone:

Ever notice yourself hitting up the same spots or, worse, the same country? Time to mix it up! If you've only done the Europe thing, how 'bout venturing into the Middle East or Asia? Fresh year, fresh travel plans!

Go Solo:

If you're used to rolling with a squad, consider flying solo in 2024. There's nothing more liberating than navigating a new place on your own, realizing what you're capable of, and pushing your boundaries. Start small with a weekend getaway or go big on a solo epic. I guarantee you'll learn more about yourself in a week solo than in multiple trips with a buddy. Nervous? Here's why you shouldn't be.

Eco-Friendly Wanderer:

We all want to see the world, but now it's more crucial than ever to keep it intact for future wanderers. Shrinking that carbon footprint is a solid move for conscious travel and an awesome resolution to help keep the planet in check.

Master a New Lingo:

Even when you're not on the road, amp up the excitement for your next trip by learning the local lingo. Apps like Duolingo are a game-changer. Knowing basic phrases makes traveling smoother, and the effort you put in will earn major points with the locals.

Weekend Warrior:

Plan ahead and don't let those weekends go to waste! You don't need to jet off to Timbuktu to explore. As soon as 5 pm Friday rolls around, hit the road to a new city or hop on a quick flight. Strategic planning is key, and if you manage just one weekend trip every two months, that's an extra six adventures a year!

Stack That Paper:

Let's face it, travel ain't always cheap. Saving up is crucial. Cut back on non-essentials like streaming services or music apps. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm all about that piggy bank life. Loose change goes straight in, and when it's full, it's a pleasant surprise seeing how much you've squirreled away.

Live in the Moment:

Sometimes, life gets crazy, and we forget to savor the experience. Pause, disconnect (especially from our gadgets), and soak it all in. Be in the now, appreciate what's around you, and live it up.

Chronicle Your Adventures:

Keep track of your exploits and the amazing places you've hit up by jotting them down. Pen and paper, my friend. Flipping through those memories at the end of the year is a feel-good vibe that'll amp up your travel bug for the next year.

Try Everything Once:

Challenge yourself to avoid the usual activities and dishes you've already checked off. You'll be surprised how many new things you can pack into a day. Skip the continental breakfast and explore the local fruit scene.

Make a Mark:

Challenge yourself to give back on your travels and feel the warmth of making a difference. Volunteer, teach, or start small with a beach clean-up. Small actions can lead to a big impact.

Upgrade Your Travel Gear:

Consider making 2024 the year you roll in style! Invest in some fresh, reliable luggage that not only looks good but also makes your travel life easier. A sleek suitcase or a durable backpack can be a game-changer. Whether you're a backpacker, a suitcase aficionado, or somewhere in between, having dependable luggage adds a touch of excitement to your journeys. Plus, it's a practical investment that shows you're serious about your travel game!

Feeling inspired? Lock in those resolutions now and check back in a year to see how many you've crushed. Hopefully, all of 'em!

Happy travels and a rockin' New Year!


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