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About us

For 100+ years and counting, we’ve been making travel more fun, less stressful, and a whole lot easier.

You deserve to enjoy traveling without worrying about your stuff. When your squad is on the move, your luggage should make things easier. That’s why we make luggage to survive any adventure. We include built-in organization to control the chaos and end the rummaging. Then we wrap it all up in vacation-inspired colors that mix and match to fit your personality, so no one has to agree, and everyone gets what they want.


Easier travel is happier travel. From cooler-totes to backpacks and expandable spinners that roll with ease, Atlantic® specializes in travel gear that simplifies your trip and lets you stay focused on what matter most – each other.



Travel isn’t just about where you go; it’s about who you’re with. Our luggage eases the journey, so your time together is spent enjoying each other.


The right luggage simplifies your trip and makes it easier. We create luggage that predicts and answers your needs before you have them.


We know that luggage isn’t what makes the trip, so we make quality affordable luggage you can depend on to last through all your adventures.


Travel is so easy…said no one ever. That’s why we make Atlantic® luggage for YOU! Hey, you deserve all the help you can get.

We put the fun back in functional with luggage designed to fit your personality, solve your needs, and keep you happy away from home. After all, the only thing that works harder than Atlantic® luggage is you.


The world's like our giant playground, right? And it's totally on us to keep it safe for the next Generation. So, we're all about slashing and reusing dumped plastic. Atlantic's got this cool thing going where they turn old plastic bottles into fabric for their gear. So, when you rock Atlantic® luggage, you're not just hauling stuff, you're also scoring major points as a "Planet-Saving Hero."

A Few Extra Inches

Funny how everything fit in your luggage when you left on vacation. But going home, well, that tends to be a different story.


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