So, there I was, thinking packing cubes were totally useless – you know, those tiny bags for your suitcase? I used to believe they were just an extra expense. But boy, was I off the mark! Turns out, these little things are like game-changers for travel. Like, they make everything so much easier and organized. My whole perception did a 180 when I realized how packing cubes are in making the whole travel experience way smoother.

I gave them a shot.

Packing cubes aren't just about keeping you organized on your travels; there's more to them than that.

Now that I'm all in on packing cubes and regularly sing their praises, I often get bombarded with questions from friends and family, all curious about my neatly arranged suitcase.

So, what's the deal with packing cubes?

They're not just for show – packing cubes can seriously level up your travel game in various ways.

The different-sized cubes make it a breeze to organize and separate your clothes (think: tops, bottoms, swimsuits). You can group things by outfit or type of clothing (shirts in one, workout gear in another). If you're with family, you can even pack by day.

This comes in clutch for that first night – one cube for everyone's pajamas and other must-haves. And here's the cool part – packing cubes keep your clothes wrinkle-free, no matter if you're a roller or a folder. Plus, they help you fit more stuff in your bag, so you can proudly join "team carry-on."

But are packing cubes right for you?

Well, whether you're a travel pro or someone who only vacations occasionally, packing cubes can work wonders. They're especially handy if:

  • You're a backpacker. Soft packing cubes help you organize in tight spaces, making it a breeze to find stuff in your backpack.
  • You crave suitcase order. Cubes keep everything in its place, making your suitcase look (and actually be) much neater.
  • You're juggling packing for multiple people or need to organize by day.

Business travelers on the go? Packing cubes got you covered. No time to unpack, settle in, and iron? Grab a cube with a change of clothes, and you're good to go for that important meeting or event.

Oh, and if you're paranoid about bed bugs hitching a ride home with you, packing cubes might just be your superhero. Check out Atlantic's Large Washable Packing Cubes – not only are they affordable, but they're also eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles. Sure, I haven't had a bed bug encounter (yet), but some travel experts vouch for packing cubes as a bed bug prevention tactic. Packing cubes make it easier – toss them in the dryer, and potential bed bug hitchhikers are history.

So, are packing cubes worth it?

Absolutely not a gimmick. They're a legit tool to keep you organized, maximize your carry-on space, and safeguard your home from unwanted guests like bed bugs. Give them a shot – you might just become a believer.


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