You ever get that feeling that you definitely forgot something for your trip! I'm gonna tell you everything you need to pack for an all-inclusive vacation. At an all-inclusive vacation you have pretty much everything you need to have fun, food, drinks, towels, but if you really want to maximize your time from the get-go and don't want to end up paying really high prices for really silly things here is a list of 10 things you need to pack for your all-inclusive vacation.

Weekender Bag
Your Perfect Travel Companion

The very first thing I recommend is that you bring a weekender bagĀ as your personal item for the plane. This is my go-to, and I love it because it fits under the seat. This way, you can use it for bringing down your items to the beach, to the pool, and it doubles as your under the seat bag. Itā€™s like a multitasking superhero for your vacation!

Swimwear Essentials
Donā€™t Get Caught Unprepared

Remember that weekender bag, I always recommend that you pack at least one swimsuit, some shorts or beachwear, and a pair of flip flops in it. Why? Well, picture this: your flight might get delayed, your luggage might get lost, or when you show up at the resort, maybe your room isn't ready. This way, you don't have to go digging through your luggage. You've already got everything you need to go hang out by the pool for a couple of hours while you're waiting for your room.

Protect Your Eyes in Style

This might seem a little obvious, but you need sunglasses. But hereā€™s my tip: buy a couple of pairs of cheap sunglasses. This way, if you end up losing them or wrecking them, it's not a big deal. So, Polarized sunglasses are very, very important for when you're on the beach. It cuts down the glare of the water at the pool and the ocean. And if you don't have sunglasses, it can start to get really irritating after a while. Polarized is gonna be a huge, huge help; your eyes will be way less strained at the end of the day.

Versatile Hat
Stylish Protection from the Sun

You definitely wanna bring a hat for your trip. Toss a baseball cap or a floppy hat in your bag - it's super handy. You can rock it on the plane or just stuff it in your weekender if it's squishy enough. And trust me, by the water, it gets crazy windy. So, opt for something smaller. Keeps the sun outta your eyes and won't fly off your head in a gust.

Dress Code Essentials
Be Ready for Any Occasion

When you're packing for your all-inclusive resort vacation, make sure that you bring items for the evening dress codes. You'll be going to a buffet for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, they have great Ć  la carte restaurants. Men will need to have a collared shirt; it can be a T-shirt or long sleeve. For ladies, it's just casual evening wear. Make sure you check the resort's website for specific dress codes for each restaurant.

Sunscreen Stick
A Must-Have for Travelers

This is one of my best tips: always bring sunscreen in the form of a stick. This way, if you're traveling with carry-on, you can bring a lot more sunscreen. At the resort, sunscreen is very, very expensive. You're going to be paying at least double, if not triple, the price of what you would normally pay at home. Bring as much sunscreen with you as you can fit in your bag, and using a stick really helps you bring a lot more.

Passport Protector
Keep Your Documents Safe

Another item that you should always bring to an all-inclusive resort is something to hold your passport. It gets humid at beach resorts, and if you leave your passport out, even in the safe, they can get a little humid and possibly get damaged. Make sure you have something to put your passports in.

Local Currency
Tipping Made Easy

For tipping, we always recommend that you use the local currency. A lot of places will accept American dollars, but it's just a lot easier if you use the local currency. Most ATMs spit out large bills, so you can easily go to the front desk and get them to exchange for smaller bills. This way, you have tipping money for the whole week.

So there you have it, the quick and easy guide to pack like a champ in your next all-inclusive vacation. Just know anywhere you go Atlantic Luggage has got your back. With sleekĀ carry-onsĀ that fit just right in the overhead bin or you can go big with ourĀ check-in luggageĀ collection. Oh, and don't sleep on grabbing one of thoseĀ handy under-seat bagsĀ for all your in-flight essentials.Ā šŸŒāœˆļø


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