10 Family Beach Travel Planning Ideas

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Now that my family and I live in Orlando, we’re only an hour from the nearest beach, which means we’ll be going a lot more, especially in the fall and winter. In fact, we’re already planning a couple days in Cocoa Beach, and nearby New Smyrna (home of the Bob Ross Museum! Yes, that Bob Ross.)

Caribbean BeachBefore that, when we came down to Florida for vacation, we always took a day to visit Melbourne Beach, and we learned a few important lessons from going.

  1. Do your research first While we always think of the sand and surf at a beach, some beaches can be rather dangerous. Some beaches can be rocky, while others can be close to volcanoes — looking at you, Hawaii! — and still others can have jellyfish and shark problems. Read travel reviews and beach sites to see whether your chosen beach is on the danger list, or maybe isn’t as sand-filled as you hoped. Some beaches even have daily reports of dangers like high surf, rip tides, and specific sea critters to watch out for.
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