Best Family Travel Electronic Gadgets

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Twenty years ago, if you wanted to be entertained, listen to music, and read, you had to pack your handheld video game, Walkman, and a book. Now, you can take just a smartphone or tablet. But if you’re traveling with family, they may get annoyed that they can’t share in the fun.

9 inch digital screen portable headrest dvd playerOr sometimes you need something to do in the hotel room at night, rather than watch reruns on TV for hours. Here are six family travel gadgets to consider getting for your next trip.

  1. Portable DVD player. Better yet, an in-dash DVD player. When my kids were young, my wife and I loved to go for long drives, but we didn’t want the kids to be bored. Luckily we had a DVD player installed in our car. We would stick the headphones on the kids, pop in a movie, and have a nice conversation while the kids watched TV in the back. We also took annual 1,000 mile drives from Indiana to Florida, and the DVD player was a life saver. If you can’t get a DVD player installed in your car, you can get a portable DVD player with headphone jacks to do the same thing.
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Seven Things to Do On Your Next Car Trip

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For some families, keeping the kids quiet and entertained on a long car trip can be the hardest part. The easiest thing to do is pop a movie into the car DVD player, put some wireless headphones on the kids, and enjoy the next two hours in silent bliss.

Photo of a covered wagon: Can you imagine how long a car trip would take in one of these?

Can you imagine how long a car trip would take in one of these?

But what if you don’t have a DVD player, or your kids are tired of watching the same movies, or you want them to take a break from electronic entertainment for a while? Or what if you don’t have kids, but you and your traveling partners need something to do to while away the miles?

Here are a few games and entertainment ideas that will help keep everyone in the car entertained.

  1. Discussion questions: Based on the original The Book of Questions published in 1987, there are dozens of books, cards, and even mobile apps that give you thoughtful conversation starters like “If you could travel to the future, but never return, would you?” Ask a question, and then everyone gets to answer.
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