The Generation X Guide to Millennial Travel

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Maybe it’s just because I’m a Gen Xer feeling his age. Maybe it’s just because I’m starting to feel that midlife crisis. I’m starting to understand and appreciate how and why Millennials travel these days.

Do a basic Google search for “Millennial Travel Trends,” and there are 1.4 million articles on the subject.

The short answer is, Millennials love to travel. They do it a lot, and they do it differently than their parents. The things they want, the places they go, and the way they travel is much, much different from the way my parents traveled, or taught me to travel.

When we traveled, vacation was very much a process and a checklist. We had to see these sights, we had to visit these locations. Sure, vacation was about the experience, but it was about experiencing all those things that every other tourist wants to experience.

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s European Vacation, you know the feeling: Clark and his family show up at the Louvre 15 minutes before it closes, and they race to see as many of the 100,000 pieces of art as they can. Rather than coming back a different day and spending several hours, they squeeze it in, because that’s what was on the schedule for that day.

How many of us still travel that way? How many of us hold to a schedule of checklists and destinations? That’s not how Millennials travel. They’re seeing the world in a whole different way.
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Eight Budget Travel Ideas for Families

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Taking a vacation can always be a little on the pricey side for families, especially if you’re trying to hit the major vacation spots in the middle of tourist season. But there are a few ways you can travel and save money, while still seeing some enjoyable sights.

An AirBNB in San Francisco.

An AirBNB in San Francisco. Imagine staying here instead of an expensive hotel.

We’re not recommending staycations or suggesting you “rediscover your hometown” for a week. We want you to get out and actually see the world. So here are a few budget travel ideas you can use to stretch your vacation dollars further.

  1. Go during off-season: A lot of tourist destinations see major slowdowns in January and February (after the holidays), in May (after Spring Break, before summer vacation), and in September and early October (post-summer, pre-fall break). If you can get away in the slow times, prices are lower, lines are shorter, and crowds are smaller.
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