How to Pack for Emergency or Unexpected Travel

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Hurricane Irma recently passed through Florida, and many people in southern Florida were forced to evacuate and head up north. I live in Central Florida and we debated whether we should actually go. We ended up staying, and all was well. But it was good practice for future travel.

It reminded me of other times I had some urgen travel plans pop up at the drop of a hat, either because I had a surprise conference or sales call to go to, or had to visit family for an unexpected issue at home.

In all those times, it’s hard to know what to pack. You can either overpack or underpack if you’re not careful, because you’re in a rush to nail down all these last minute details. Here are a few things I’ve done to make sure I’m always prepared for emergency travel.

Always take a few more days of clothes than you plan on. Normally, I advise against this for business travel, but emergency and urgent travel may bring unexpected circumstances and events. I have a rule that everything I take must fit into a Travelpro® 22″ Rollaboard® (Atlantic’s parent company), which is 4 –7 days of clothes. But I can usually squeeze in a few more without any problems. Plus, if I roll up my t-shirts and jeans, I can get close to 10 days’ worth of clothes.

Knowing how to pack for urgent travel can help you find a little calm before the storm and be more comfortable once you arrive.Fill nearly-empty prescriptions at your destination. Rather than wasting time trying to get prescriptions filled at home, find a pharmacy near to your final destination, and ask your doctor’s office to call in a prescription there. You can use Google maps to locate those pharmacies, which will take a lot less time than trying to chase down refills before you leave.

Sync all your laptop files to a cloud storage. I strongly recommend taking your laptop with you, regardless of why you’re leaving. You may find that you have to fill out a lot of reports or submit a lot of information, which is most likely on your home laptop. If you don’t have cloud storage, get a Gmail address and copy your most important files to Google Drive. Better yet, get a Dropbox account and pay for the 1 TB (terabyte) account ($9.99 per month), and upload your most important documents to your account. (For 1 TB, you can upload almost everything to Dropbox!) You can access those files on your phone, tablet, or other laptops via wifi or cellular data. If you have medical information you need ready access to, this is also a great place to keep it.

Take your kids’ favorite toys or blankets. If you’re racing out of town with your family, your kids may not be fully aware of what’s going on, and this is going to stress them out. First, try to explain that you’re going on an adventure (my kids always loved adventure trips, which is what we called leaving Indianapolis at 3:00 in the morning to drive to Disney World). Next, their favorite toys will help them feel safer, so make sure they have ready access to it. Just make sure you visually confirm (twice) that you packed it before you return home.

Be sure to pack for layering for warmth. It’s September right now, which means it’s getting slightly cooler in Florida, but my old home state of Indiana is already seeing 60 degree nights, which means you’ll be cold if you only wear summer clothes. And if you drive down here in January with nothing but winter clothes, you’re going to be too warm. Check the weather for your final destination and pack accordingly. Take plenty of thin layers for warmth, rather than bulky items like a parka or heavy coat.

Pack food for the trip. If you’re driving, especially during a major evacuation, it’s going to be tough to find gas and food. If you have to stop, you don’t want to find that all the restaurants are closed because it’s midnight, or because they ran out of food (something that happened to the Florida evacuees heading north). So have plenty of food on hand for the actual car ride. If you’re flying, but have some food sensitivities and allergies, just pack a few snacks that you can take on the plane.

Finally, take something to read. There’s a very good chance you’re going to end up spending a lot of time sitting and doing nothing. Pull out a book to occupy your time and your mind. It saves your data and cell phone battery, plus it can get your mind off of whatever took you out of town in the first place.

Have you ever had to make an emergency last-minute trip out of town? How did you handle this urgent travel? What kinds of things did you pack? Tell us about it in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.

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Luggage Buying Guide for Teenagers

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When you travel with children, you long for the day that they’re old enough to have their own luggage and carry it or pull it behind them. When my kids were 4 or 5, we got them their own suitcase, complete with favorite cartoon character on it. It didn’t hold much, although we could fit a week’s worth of clothes into the tiny bag, and they could pull it behind them.

Now that they’re older, they’re responsible for packing their own suitcases when we travel. The only problem is, my 14-year-old son doesn’t want to be seen with a Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase anymore. Ditto for my daughters and their Hello Kitty bags.

The Atlantic Ultra Hardside luggage collection

The Atlantic Ultra Hardside luggage collection

When they were old enough, they wanted new suitcases to reflect their individuality and personal style. But as their father the travel writer, I got them bags that were functional and practical instead, without all the screened print designs. Here was my reasoning.

1. Your luggage will last for years. Your personal style will change.

I got my first suitcase when I was 27, and I carried it on flights for about 15 years. Then I got my first Travelpro bag and I was a convert. It was so much lighter and roomier. And because I took good care of it, I’m still carting it around with me.
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Travelpro® and Atlantic® Luggage Go Social!

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Two Leading Travel Industry Brands Continue Reaching and Educating Digital Customers About the Art & Science of Travel

Travelpro® and Atlantic® Luggage, two of the most iconic luggage brands in today’s highly competitive market, have undertaken a lofty goal – to increase awareness of their brands, products and collections though a synthesis of social media strategies. Using a combination of creative blogs, reviews, promotions, and branding partnerships with films and other media outlets, Travelpro and Atlantic luggage seek to more effectively bring increased awareness and brand loyalty to their customers – frequent business travelers, family travelers and flight professionals.

An example of an Atlantic tweet

This is the kind of tweet we like to share — helpful travel advice for families and vacationers.

One successful example of their use of multi-media rich global platforms is the intriguing work done with international travel writer Mark Eveleigh as he used and reviewed the Travelpro® TPro ® Bold™ line during his three-month journey down the Amazon River. This ‘real life’ approach to the brands is shared throughout all of the social media sites – blogs, Facebook – which added another 1,000 followers monthly for Travelpro and 2,024 for Atlantic Luggage since February — Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, that concentrate less on advertising and more on providing information, advice, sharing ideas and encouraging people to explore the world around them.
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Unite 2 Receives “Best Buy” Certificate from Consumers Digest

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It’s been an exciting time for Atlantic Luggage. Our recently launched Unite 2 collection was recently given a favorable review by Consumer Digest Communications.

Atlantic Unite 2 lifestyle photo

This was the photo they used in the article.

And to top it off, two bags in that line were both awarded a “Best Buy” certificate. That means the bags have been recognized by the editors as having exceptional value in today’s highly competitive marketplace. A Consumers Digest Best Buy rating is awarded to fewer than 3% of the competing models in any given product category.

Here’s what Consumers Digest had to say in their recent Best Buy luggage issue.
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Eight Ways to Prolong Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

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After last month’s news about how closing dormant apps don’t help your mobile phone battery life, that got me to thinking about how to actually extend a phone’s battery, especially during a long day out.

Atlantic Unite's USB Port to charge your mobile phone battery

Atlantic Unite2’s USB Port

Now that we live in Orlando, my family and I often spend a good 8 – 10 hours wandering around one of the theme parks, and my mobile phone battery is usually nearly dead by the end of the day. Of course, it doesn’t help that I play Ingress (an augmented reality geolocation game played on your phone), but there are some things I do to try to extend my battery life throughout the day.

1. Reboot your phone

Do this the night before, while it’s plugged in. This way, you’ve closed any memory and processing leaks that might use extra power. Don’t forget to keep your apps updated, because new versions are sometimes less of a power drain than their older predecessors.
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How the Unite2 Collection Can Solve Cell Phone Battery Woes (and Other Travel Problems)

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As someone who often travels for work, or is at least away from the office for an entire day, having a fully charged iPhone is important. Unfortunately, I don’t always manage my phone use properly, and am usually near the end of the battery life before I get back home.

Atlantic Unite2's USB Port

Atlantic Unite2’s USB Port

I read a recent article on ABC News about preserving battery life, and was surprised to learn that closing multitasking apps may actually use more battery than letting them run.

Apple says that leaving apps running doesn’t actually consume any more battery, because “Apps that are in a suspended state aren’t actively in use, open, or taking up system resources.” In other words, closing apps doesn’t help battery life.

But, Dave Burke, a vice president of engineering at Android, says that closing them may actually use more battery power. According to ABC and Burke, “closing all those apps actually activates them momentarily and may consume more battery than leaving them open in the background.”
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Travelpro® and Atlantic® Luggage to Light-Up Las Vegas with Brilliant Collections at 2016 Travel Goods Association Show

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Past Winner of TGA’s New Product Innovation Award Poised to Impress

Travelpro, the original inventor of Rollaboard® luggage and a pioneer in innovative luggage design, will premier unique collections from the Travelpro® and Atlantic® brands at the 2016 Travel Goods Association (TGA) Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Industry leaders looking for the “best of the best attend” the show, which runs from March 8-10 in Las Vegas. Travelpro is introducing a record number of new luggage lines at the event: Crew™ 11 (hardside and softside); Crew™ Executive Choice™ 2 (business cases); Maxlite® 4 (hardside and softside); and Marquis™ 2 (softside), while Unite™ 2 and the new Atlantic® Designer Series will be launched under the Atlantic brand.

Atlantic Unite2 Collection

The Atlantic Unite2 Collection

“Always pushing the boundaries of creativity and design, Atlantic Luggage is guaranteed to garner a lot of attention at this year’s show. Two renowned artists/designers – Kris Ruff and Amanda Caronia – have partnered with our in-house design team to create some of the most unique and fashionable luggage collections on the market today under the new Atlantic Designer Series brand,” said Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for the Travelpro and Atlantic brands.

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The Perfect Gift for Your Special Someone is in the ‘2016 Travelpro Valentine’s Travel Gift Guide’

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Make February 14th the Most Memorable Day Ever

Create an unforgettable impression this Valentine’s Day by foregoing the usual “roses and chocolate” routine by presenting your loved ones with something they won’t expect from the Travelpro® and Atlantic® collections of innovative, high quality luggage. Surprise them with one of these amazing products that will guarantee their next trip is a pleasant journey: Atlantic® Unite™ 2 21″ Expandable Spinner; Travelpro® Platinum® Magna™ 2 Checkpoint Friendly Business Brief; Travelpro® Platinum Magna™ 2 Spinner Tote; Travelpro® Maxlite® 4 21″ Expandable Spinner; or T-Pro® Bold™ 2.0 by Travelpro® 26″ Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel.

Atlantic Unite2 Detail - Expand“Sometimes it’s important to think ‘outside the box’ and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do that. Wives, husbands and loved ones will never forget your thoughtfulness if you present them with one of our outstanding briefs, duffels or Spinner luggage on this special day,” said Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for the Travelpro family of brands.

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Welcome to the New Atlantic Luggage Blog

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Welcome to our all-new Atlantic Luggage blog! We’re very excited about the future of this blog, and what it means for our customers and visitors.

The Atlantic Ultra Lite Hardside collection

The Atlantic Ultra Lite Hardside collection

We’ve been operating the Travelpro Luggage blog for nearly six years, and recently decided we wanted to offer something geared more toward our Atlantic Luggage customers. We talk a lot about business travel and road warriors on the Travelpro blog, but here on the Atlantic Luggage blog, we want to focus on family travel and family fun.
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